Pool Talk

The following words are common terminology to the game of billiards.

  • Ball in Hand: The cue ball may be put into play anywhere on the playing surface.

  • Bank Shot: A shot in which the object ball is driven to one or more cushions before it is pocketed.

  • Break: The first shot of the game.

  • Cue: Tapered device, usually wooden, used to strike the cue ball to execute shots.

  • Cue Butt: The larger end of the cue, opposite the tip.

  • Cue Tip: a piece of leather attached to the shaft end of the cue which contacts the cue ball when shot.

  • Dead Ball: A cue stroked with speed or spin transferring to the object ball, with lack of the cue ball motion after contact with the object ball.

  • English: Side spin applied to the cue ball by striking it off center; used to alter the natural roll of the object ball and/or cue ball.

  • Kiss: contact between balls.

  • Masse Shot: A shot in which extreme English is applied to the cue ball by means of elevating the cue butt.

  • Race: A pre-determined number of games necessary to win a match or set.

  • Scratch: The cue ball going into a pocket on a stroke.

  • Stroke: The movement of the cue as a shot is executed.